Foundation for the Development of Children's Sports and Assistance to Victims
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Our proprietary program includes activities to attract sports specialists - coaches, interested organizations, clubs, to create a favorable environment conducive to the recovery of target groups
"Good coach"


We work in two directions:
Work on the development of children with disabilities

Free training for addicts
Work on the development of children with disabilities, namely mental retardation, ASD, and hearing impairment. As part of the project, discounted training for children was organized
We work with people who are under the influence of various types of addictions - alcohol, drugs, gambling addiction
Adaptive boxing

This is a way to help children socialize and correct motor, mental and emotional disorders

Boxing develops self-confidence, responsibility, determination, and self-discipline. The training regimen teaches concentration and planning. Boxing is about developing character and the ability to overcome oneself.
Adaptation of children with disabilities remains one of the important issues. The path of such children to a normal life is a multifaceted process of restoring health and socialization in society.
adaptive boxing

Why exactly

Socializes children and their parents
Opens up new opportunities and goals for children’s self-realization
Improves quality of life
Increases rehabilitation potential and self-esteem
Has a corrective effect on the vestibular, sensorimotor and cognitive systems
Regulates the child’s emotional state and muscle tone using an individually selected system of exercises
All this is an important link on the path to normalizing the lives of people with disabilities.

Children with different disabilities can take part in this type of adaptive sport: autism, ASD, mental retardation, speech disorders, mental development delays, motor impairments, cognitive impairments, emotional characteristics, ADHD
The Sphere of Sports Foundation organizes work with people affected by various types of addictions.
Two sports clubs in Moscow provide free training.
There is a separate group working on the “12 Steps” addiction recovery program.
The “Good Coach” project helps you overcome your addictions through sports, coach support and socialization in a healthy team. The project involves both organizations, clubs and individual coaches. The goal of the “Good Trainer” project is to help people find a new life without bad habits in a team of like-minded people.
Let's help overcome
"Good coach"
Why the project
Working in a team of like-minded people
Believe in yourself
Overcome difficulties and achieve your goals
Tighten your muscle frame
Develop a number of personal qualities
Improve your health
Our project is an integral part of the rehabilitation of an addicted person. Regular exercise will restore not only physical, but also mental health.
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